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Is your property suffering from cracking above and below windows and doors; dropping and displacement in a window arch; or is your brickwork slightly bowed and resting on the window frames? These are common issues of lintel failure.

As lintel repair specialists, Protectahome have successfully completed many successful projects of this nature. Structural movement in buildings can be the result of many different factors acting either in isolation or having a combined effect. If you believe your property is suffering from lintel failure, contact us today.

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  • Lintel Repair Required
    Lintel Repair Required

Lintels are used above openings in walls such as windows or doorways to support the weight of masonry above. They consist of a horizontal member supported either side of the opening.

In modern construction lintels tend to be made of steel or concrete, but in older buildings they are commonly found to be made of timber, stone, steel or concrete.

Masonry Arches of Brick or Stone were also commonly used in older buildings to support the higher levels.

In some structures the lintel may be partially supported by the window frame itself. This can lead to problems long term such as when windows need to be replaced.
Helifix Arch Lintel Repairs
Lintel Repair Technical Design
Lintel Repair Technical Design
Timber lintels can be attacked by Wood Rotting Fungi (see our pages Wet Rot and Dry Rot) and/or infested by Wood Boring Beetles (see our pages Woodworm). Timber Lintels, particularly in older buildings that have not been well maintained or subjected to long term exposure to excessive moisture, can appear sound on exposed surfaces but be significantly decayed where they are in direct contact with Damp Masonry.

Steel Lintels, even in modern buildings, can corrode leading to expansion. This causes horizontal cracking and spalling of surrounding masonry as rainwater penetration occurs.

Protectahome have an extensive range of Lintel Repair strategies available that may include the formation of Masonry Beams, Consolidation, Anchoring, Crack Stitching, Pinning and Traditional Repairs. Where new openings are being formed we can also provide Masonry Reinforcement with Masonry Beams and new lintel provision reducing the need for costly temporary support.

Please see our Case Studies for more information on Structural Repairs by Protectahome, or if you are having problems with concrete lintels Contact Us directly on 0800 055 6966.

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