Helifix DryFix

The Helifix DryFix system is a fully mechanical pinning system for tying multiple layers of masonry. It is both quick and simple to install and produces a very effective and consistent fixing in a large variety of host materials.

The Helifix DryFix tie is very versatile and can be used for a number of applications including Cavity Wall Tie Replacement, additional Wall Ties, Consolidation, Lintel Repairs, Brick Arch Repair, Masonry Arch Pinning and Movement Joint creation.

The Helifix DryFix tying system is based upon a high quality grade 316 stainless steel tie. DryFix ties do not require resin, grout or any form of mechanical expansion meaning they are suited to use in all weathers, temperatures and environments.

Typical Installation Process 1-4

1. Drill a small pilot hole using a rotary percussion drill.

2. Load Helifix DryFix tie into DryFix power attachment.

3. Drive in Helifix tie until outer end is fully recessed below masonry.

4. Make good to masonry using like materials.DryFix ties are flexible and accommodate normal building movement whilst also providing great tensile strength. When installed correctly, there is very little surface evidence visible reducing the requirement for making good and ultimately time on site.

After installation the ties can be load tested using the appropriate equipment.

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