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Pest Birds are becoming an increasing problem for property owners across Britain. We have a large database of satisfied consumer and commercial customers who have benefited from our Pest Bird Control services. Protectahome have a comprehensive portfolio of bird control solutions to combat problems associated with Pest Bird Infestations. Our surveyors and technicians are trained, qualified professionals who are conversant with current legislation and the latest proofing and control techniques. We provide a full clearance and decontamination service as well as design and installation of proofing for buildings and structures.

Pest Birds can impact significantly on maintenance and cleaning costs as well as bringing inherent health and safety risks. Fouling by Pest Birds is not only unsightly but can represent a real health and safety risk due to slips and falls. Where the Pest Bird infestation is attributable to the Feral Pigeon, flock numbers can be anywhere from 50 – 400 birds depending on the availability of food. It is therefore easy to appreciate that even with daily clearance; it’s not long before the fouling builds back up.

  • Bird Netting Installation
    Bird Netting Installation
  • Bird Netting Installed
    Bird Netting Installed
  • Bird Spikes Installation
    Bird Spikes Installation
  • Bird Spikes Installed to Commerical Property
    Bird Spikes Installed to Commerical Property
  • Large Scale Bird Netting Installation
    Large Scale Bird Netting Installation
Debris from nesting and feeding can also be rapidly created during the breeding season. We are commonly called out to sites where debris from gulls has collected on the roof of buildings. This debris can then get washed into gutters and rainwater outlets, leading to blockages and localised flooding.

Gulls are also known to attack humans. These large aggressive birds can be very intimidating when swooping down on humans, displaying their natural behaviour of protecting their young, competing for food and protecting the nest site.

For the food industry professional, Pest Bird infestations are “high risk” and therefore action must be taken without delay to protect the food chain. Pest Bird infestations bring a risk to human health and your reputation. Food borne or food poisoning bacteria can spread to humans through contact with Pest Bird droppings. Disease organisms associated with bird fouling include Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Lysteria monocytogenes and Vibrio cholerae. Air borne disease agents associated with Pest Birds and their droppings include Chlamydia psittaci and Cryptococcus neoformans

Protectahome are a BSi registered firm and members of the British Pest Control Association. With over 37 years’ trading history behind us, your reputation is safe in the hands of our industry professionals. Outline details for some of the proofing and bird control techniques are featured on the accompanying pages. Each of our proofing installations is bespoke and we may employ any one or a combination of the techniques featured.

Please see our Case Studies page for more information and examples of work completed. Contact Us on 0800 055 6966 for any advice or guidance you may require.

Seagull Attack
Seagull Attack
Pigeon at its Nest
Pigeon at its Nest
Common Seagull
Common Seagull
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