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Protectahome have been involved with the provision of flood mitigation services for business and consumer clients for many years. We became members of the Flood Protection Association in 2003 as it was clear our experience and skill in dealing with water management in relation to buildings above and below ground, could be put to good use protecting property assets from the effects of flooding.

It’s estimated that here in the UK around 5 million homes are at risk of flooding as well as there being over 300,000 commercial buildings at risk. The increase in the number and the significance of the flood events over recent years means that this real threat to property and safety has to be taken very seriously by a wide section of our society.

In 2013 there will be changes to insurance arrangements and it may be harder, certainly it is likely to be more expensive, for higher risk properties to get flood cover.

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There are many causes of flooding and many ways in which flood water may enter a building. Common causes of flooding in the UK include River Flooding, Ground Water Flooding, Coastal Flooding, Surface Water Flooding and Escape of Water causes such as mains failures/bursts.

In addition to the cost of direct damage to property and possessions, consequential losses such as the reduction in property value, increased insurance premiums, increased policy excess and the loss of sometimes irreplaceable personal possessions are harder to quantify.

We see many problems relating to properties that have been flooded where owners/occupiers have been relocated for months and even years. In some unfortunate instances we also have experience of properties that have flooded a second time during extended drying periods.

Drawing on our vast experience we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive service to protect property assets from flooding, install Flood Resilient and Flood Resistant measures that will aid speedy recovery and reoccupation of Flooded Buildings and provide fully maintained water management systems for areas above and below ground.

Increasingly we have also been asked to provide trouble shooting services for property professionals, insurance companies and claims handlers to identify the cause of recurring dampness problems in properties reinstated by others following flooding.

For more information on Flood Mitigation systems designed and installed by Protectahome and the associated services we provide, please see our Case Studies and additional pages on this site.

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