Crack and Shake Stabilisation

Crack & Shake Stabilisation

Timber is a natural and flexible product commonly used in construction. Timber with cracks or fissures can often be found in both old and new buildings. Whilst in most circumstances these defects do not normally represent a problem, sometimes they can form a plane of weakness, or just be unsightly, possibly requiring timber repairs.

Shakes are the result of the separation of fibres along the grain of the timber. They appear in the standing tree, often as the result of internal stresses or, as is more frequently seen, after felling and during seasoning.

With timber in service in buildings, it is preferable to repair rather than replace. This is especially true where timbers are of large dimension and may be performing a structural role. Complete replacement of large dimensional timbers is costly, disruptive and often unnecessary as an alternative specialist timber repairs strategy may well be more appropriate and sympathetic.

Timber shake requiring Timber Repairs.
Timber shake requiring Timber Repairs.
Working with products from a handful of specialist manufacturers our Surveyors can prepare a repair strategy bespoke to the problem being experienced with shakes, cracks and fissures.

An important factor in this strategy, is the evaluation of the service and environmental conditions. Extreme changes in relative humidity and heat are key factors that will influence expansion and contraction in the timber, often the cause of cracks and splits in timber in service.

Here at Protectahome we are experts at repairing shakes, cracks and fissures in existing structural timbers, however it is essential that we are involved at the earliest stage in a project to ensure maximum efficacy of the repair strategy.

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