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External Waterproofing Solutions, Systems & Basements

Externally applied Waterproofing systems for use below ground are favoured by many specifiers. External Waterproofing systems have many advantages, primary of which is excluding/managing free water to prevent entry into the building. Ease of installation during the construction phase and the reduction in detailing can also present significant advantages. There are however disadvantages that must be considered and these can often be the deciding factor in which type of Waterproofing system we recommend.

There are numerous types of external systems to choose from, each requiring careful design and installation. Selection of which type of system to employ depends on multiple factors including geotechnical information, assessment and classification of the existing water table, type of structure to which the Waterproofing system is being applied and the provision and effect of external drainage.

  • External Waterproofing Specialists
    Protectahome Technicians Installing Pre Applied Waterproofing System using Newton Hydrobond (Type A Barrier Protection).
  • External Waterproofing Specialists
    Protectahome Technician Installing Newton Geodrain (Type C Drained Protection) over Spray Applied Liquid Membrane (Type A Barrier Protection).
  • External Waterproofing Specialists
    Pre Applied Waterproofing System in progress using Newton Hydrobond (Type A Barrier Protection).
  • External Waterproofing Installers
    Externally Applied Membrane, Newton Geodrain, Installed as Type C (Drained) Protection.
  • External Waterproofing Installers
    Combined Waterproofing Installation using both Newton Geodrain Externally and Newton Cavity Drain Membrane Internally.
  • External Waterproofing Installers
    External Type A (Barrier) Protection - Newton 109 Liquid Membrane
  • External Waterproofing Installers
    External Type A (Barrier) and Type C (Drained) Protection - Liquid Membrane and Drainage Layer Installation Underway.

External Waterproofing Design Specialists

Externally applied Waterproofing is not a one system, one product fits all process. The Waterproofing Specialist should consider a range of factors in the design. These include: Topography, Ground Conditions and the suitability of the structure to accept the waterproofing system. The specialist should also allow in the design for the provision of maintainable external drainage and the protection of the installed system.

Protectahome have extensive experience of installing external Waterproofing systems and we would be pleased to provide our expert advice and recommendations, as qualified Waterproofing Specialists for your project.

Protectahome have offices in Bristol, Bromsgrove, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Leamington Spa, Llanelli, London, Newport, Plymouth and Stockport so you will never be too far away from a Protectahome Surveyor.  For more information on the Waterproofing systems designed and installed by Protectahome and associated services we provide, please see our Case Studies page.

For advice or to discuss your project please Contact Us on 0800 055 6966 or alternatively email us via web@protectahome.co.uk.

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Waterproofing Case Studies

Hertford College, Oxford University

The Project: To waterproof a wine cellar within the prestigious Old Buildings Quadrangle of Hertford College, Oxford University.

New Housing Development, Holmfirth, Yorkshire

New build development featuring 12 new build luxury homes in 5 different styles.

New Build Dwelling, Hampton, London

New build 5 Bed residential dwelling with integral garage and basement level in highly sought after Hampton area. Protectahome were approached to fulfil the role […]

The Hopbunker, Cardiff

As part of the refurbishment of Northgate House in Cardiff City Centre, the basement level of the building was to be converted into a brand new bar for local independent brewery, Hopcraft.

Residential Care Home, Swansea – Podium Deck Waterproofing

During the construction of a new, purpose built, residential care home two podium decks were constructed that needed waterproofing.

Llandegfedd Reservoir, Monmouthshire

A new Visitor Centre at the popular Llandegfedd Reservoir was commissioned by Welsh Water as part of a £2.5m investment in the tourist site which […]

The Sarsden Estate, The Cotswolds

Protectahome were asked by the main contractor to provide a specialist waterproofing design and installation to a new build extension at the £3.3m Haughton House […]

Former Central Fire Station, Lancaster Circus, Birmingham

Conversion of the Grade II listed former Central Fire Station in Birmingham to provide 450 student accommodation rooms for nearby Aston University.

Royal Court Hotel, Bath

The Royal Court Hotel is a listed building in the centre of Bath, home to an unused Basement. The plan was to convert the unused […]

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