Platipus Approved Installers

Platipus Approved Installers

The Structural Solutions division of Protectahome have a long history of successful installation of Platipus Anchors. As Platipus Approved Installers we can offer our clients a comprehensive design and installation solution for use where ground conditions permit.
The Platipus Anchors System is a highly versatile lightweight and corrosion resistant Anchor System that can be rapidly installed, even in difficult access scenarios. Platipus Applications include Retaining Walls, Slope Stabilisation, Bridges, Sheet Piling, Erosion Control, Gabion Support, Rock Retention, Drainage, Scaffolding, Temporary Structures, Landscaping and General Security.
  • Protectahome Technicians Installing Platipus Anchors
    Protectahome Technicians Installing Platipus Anchors
  • Platipus Ground Anchors set to be installed
    Platipus Ground Anchors set to be installed
  • Platipus Anchor Head and Cable Ready for Installation
    Platipus Anchor Head and Cable Ready for Installation

The Platipus Ground Anchor System

Platipus Ground Anchors are made up of a series of components selected to match ground conditions, life expectancy and loading.

The five basic components are the Anchor, the lower termination, the connecting wire tendon or rod, the top accessories and the top termination. The configuration of the anchor system can be varied and honed to be bespoke to the installation and ground conditions.

With nine sizes of Platipus Anchor body and four types of Anchor material to choose from, the Platipus Ground Anchor system is truly highly versatile.

As a guide, the anchor body material has a life expectancy of at least five years, to over one hundred years. Our surveyors will discuss with you life expectancy and loading requirements during the design process.

Platipus Ground Anchor System Benefits

  • The system is highly adaptable yet simple and effective.
  • Installation time is quick which means time on site is reduced compared with other systems, less time on site ultimately means time and cost saving to our clients.
  • The system can be immediately load locked and a load test report provided. There is no grout or resin required therefore no curing time required.
  • Environmental impact is minimised.
  • Huge range of loading capacity right up to 200kN.
  • Suitable for temporary and permanent installations.

To begin the process of evaluation and design of a highly innovative and versatile Platipus Anchor System please Contact Us on 0800 055 6966 or alternatively email us via Platipus Approved Installer

Platipus Approved Installer
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