Cintec Lateral Joist Restraint

Cintec Lateral Restraint Anchors

Cintec Lateral Restraint Anchors are manufactured to suit the individual needs of the recipient structure. Being a unique and bespoke product based on the Cintec Anchor System there are numerous configurations and combinations that can be created. Some typical examples are shown on this page.

A lack of lateral restraint can lead to evidence of leaning and/or bulging of walls. Traditionally such lateral restraint would have been provided by building structural timbers (e.g floors joists, timber beams etc) into walls and by the construction of internal partition walls bonded into the external walls.

  • Cintec Anchor with Arm Lock Restraint
    Cintec Anchor with Arm Lock Restraint
  • Combination of Cintec Sock Anchors and Arm Lock Restraints
    Combination of Cintec Sock Anchors and Arm Lock Restraints

To connect the external walls to the structural timbers in a remedial lateral restraint application, a series of restraints are installed using Cintec LRAs. The type and thickness of substrate, size of timbers, loading and orientation of the structural timbers will play a part in dictating the type of Cintec Anchor and connection that would be used. The installation of remedial lateral restraints is often carried out in conjunction with further Cintec anchoring and consolidation work.

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