Timber Beam Repair

Structural Timber Beams can become weakened as a result of attack by Wood Rotting Fungi (Wet Rot/Dry Rot) and/or infestation by Wood Boring Beetles (Woodworm).

When timber is exposed to high levels of moisture over prolonged periods it can lead to the moisture content of the timber being elevated above 20%. It is not uncommon for the localised application of timber preservatives to also be required, subject to the nature of the infestation/attack being dealt with.

Typical remedial repairs of structural timber beams include the splicing in of new sections of timber, where the ends of beams have become too weakened to continue to provide service, or where the bearing has become insufficient.

Where timbers are built into walls the repair may include the use of traditional techniques, steel and/or epoxy resins.

Timber framed houses can be repaired using similar techniques and strategies and at Protectahome we have a great deal of experience in dealing sympathetically with such structures. Please see our Case Studies for further information.

For more information on Dry Rot, Wet Rot, Damp Timber or Wood Boring Beetle Infestations please click on the relative link.

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