Cintec CHS Anchors

The Cintec Circular Hollow Section typical applications are for Wall Ties, Lateral Restraint, Crack Repair, Consolidation Anchor, tying of new to old, Parapet Stabilisation.
The image in the graphic is of a Cintec CHS anchor installed as a Consolidation Anchor into a rubble filled stone wall. The grout is introduced under low pressure and causes the sock to expand into the loose friable core of the wall. One of the unique features of the Cintec anchor system.

The Cintec Consolidation Anchor Body design is dependent upon load, with the number and position of Cintec Consolidation Anchors dependent on structural condition. Protectahome are experienced in the installation of Cintec Consolidation Anchors into various substrates including rubble filled stone walls.

The Cintec CHS anchor body lends itself to numerous applications in addition to Consolidation.

  • Cintec Sock Anchors Being Installed
    Cintec Sock Anchors Being Installed
  • Completed Sock Anchor Installation
    Completed Sock Anchor Installation

Consolidation Anchor

Cintec CHS Stitching Anchor
Cintec CHS Stitching Anchor
Sock expansion into the soft friable core recessed into bed joint by 25mm to 50mm to allow mortar re-pointing. Keep 75mm from  rear face or inner face of wall.

Anchor body design dependent on load but normally – 10mm CHS in 25mm or 30mm hole depending on the length of the anchor. Number and position dependant on structural condition. Spacings normally 450mm x 900mm staggered grid or to suit bed joint spacing.

Cintec Sock Anchor - Pre and Post Grout Injection
Cintec Sock Anchor - Pre and Post Grout Injection
Please see our Case Studies page for more details on Cintec System’s application or Contact Us on 0800 055 6966 for more information.
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