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Having conducted a detailed inspection of accessible building timbers our Surveyor will be in a position to advise if Woodworm treatment is required.

A specification of remedial works will be prepared by our Surveyor following completion of a risk assessment during which he will identify the safest, most effective way in which Woodworm Treatment can be applied. This may include the use of insecticides applied via spray, brush, trowel or injection methods. In special circumstances or where there are restricted access problems, we may be able to consider limited use of insecticidal smoke generators or ultra low volume sprays to control levels of infestation.

The objective in remedial Timber Treatment for Woodworm is to create an envelope with insecticide around the treated timber. Surface applications and finishes such as stain, oil, paint or white wash will usually have to be removed for successful Timber Treatment. Our Technical Surveyors are best placed to advise upon the delivery techniques to be employed to treat Woodworm and any limitations that may apply.

  • Woodworm Timber Treatment
    Woodworm Timber Treatment
  • Protectahome Technician During Woodworm Timber Treatment Spraying
    Protectahome Technician During Woodworm Timber Treatment Spraying
Certain infestations such as those by the Death Watch Beetle and Wood Boring Weevils are usually also associated with attack of timbers by Wood Rotting Fungi. Where this is the case, concealed bearing ends of timbers can be severely affected and it may be necessary for such areas to be opened up to allow for full investigation and repair where necessary.

For more information about Timber Repairs please see the Timber Engineering pages of this website.

We have access to the very latest, safest chemicals with green credentials. Coupled with our own commitment to low volume waste production and recycling, you will be safe in the knowledge that any Woodworm treatment completed by Protectahome will be carried out with safety, environmental care and sustainability at the forefront of our mind, Contact Us now on 0800 055 6966.

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