Former Stuart Crystal Factory, Stourbridge, West Midlands

  • Basement Waterproofing, Stourbridge

Project Description

The Project: To restore and convert the former Stuart Crystal Factory in Wordsley, Stourbridge to provide a mix of commercial and residential space.
Located on the ‘Crystal Mile’ in Stourbridge, the former Stuart Crystal Factory was restored from it’s derelict condition to provide a mix of commercial units and residential apartments.

A second unit of the factory would also be developed into a new £5.5m glass museum highlighting the area’s proud history within the crystal and glass industries.

The old factory sits directly next to the town’s canal where water actually enters the footprint of the building at ground floor through the canal’s sluice gates.

The main contractor on the project approached Protectahome as a regular provider of specialist waterproofing services to design & install an appropriate system of waterproofing.

Working alongside the project surveyors and managers, Protectahome’s CSSW qualified surveyor designed a system of Type C (Drained) Protection Waterproofing. The Type C system would provide the necessary level of protection for a Grade 3 Environment as per BS8102:2009.

The Type C system incorporated the use of 8mm Cavity Drain Membranes installed to the full height of the ground floor walls and entire floor area. Specially designed perimeter and cross floor drainage channels were also installed to safely redirect any water that entered the system.

The system was able to drain passively away to the mains drainage located at the front of the building whilst service ports were also installed at strategic locations to allow regular inspection and maintenance of the system.

The installation was completed by Protectahome’s own specialist NVQ qualified operatives on time and within budget. Following completion of the works a Protectahome long term company guarantee was issued.

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