The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

We take a look at some of the top characteristics of wasps and bees and how to spot the difference.

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There are a number of misconceptions around bees being a nuisance like wasps, but the truth is they are much less of a problem.

  • Bees are of great importance as pollinators for honey and wax but are usually thought of as a threat when in swarms.
  • Honey bees differ in appearance from wasps, being dark brown/pale orange banded in colour and noticeably hairy.
  • Worker bees are usually around 12-15mm, and the queen is usually 16-20mm.
  • Usually, unless a hive is approached too closely or bees are under serious threat, they are unlikely to sting. Even swarming bees, although often frightening, tend not to.
  • Some bees cannot sting at all and others don’t have a strong enough sting to pierce the skin.
The difference between wasps and bees
The difference between wasps and bees


Wasps have been on the decrease over the past couple of years, but still be cautious as a wasp nest could be harmful if not treated properly.

  • Wasps are a known nuisance and are potentially more serious if a nest is in close proximity to populated areas.
  • Black and bright yellow in appearance, wasps showcase distinctive banding around the body and a noticeable ‘wasp waist’.
  • The common wasp is usually around 10-20mm and the queen is usually larger.
  • They can inflict a painful sting, a habit of which increases with the onset of cooler weather and with the ingestion of over-ripe fruit juices.
  • Nests are often found in loft spaces, cavity walls, behind structural cladding and in flowerbeds.

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The difference between wasps and bees
The difference between wasps and bees

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