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A small rodent with grey/brown fur usually less than 90mm in total length and weighing less than 20 grams. Colour is generally uniformed with the belly being slightly lighter and the tail typically about 75% of the length of the body.


The best known Mouse species is the common House Mouse (Mus musculus). Mice prefer to spend most of its life indoors and are known to invade homes for food and occasionally shelter. The mouse typically spends 70% of its time off the ground creating nests in lofts, wall cavities and insulation.

Being keen feeders they will take food from as many as 20 to 30 different feeding points in any one night, due to this fact it is important that a Pest Controller like Protectahome strategically place Bait Stations to increase the effectiveness of a treatment programme.


A Mouse (plural: Mice) is a small Mammal belonging to the order of Rodents. Primarily nocturnal animals, Mice compensate for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing, and rely especially on their sense of smell to locate food and avoid predators.

Mice are omnivorous and are good at adapting to local environments but generally in rural environments eat cereals, seeds etc. Mice consume an average of 2-3 grams of food per day. Whilst Mice will drink free water they can in many cases survive without it, obtaining sufficient moisture from their food.

Mice will typically live up to 1 year, reach sexual maturity in 6 weeks and can have as many as 8 litters per annum with the average litter size being about 5.

Protectahome Control

If not treated, an infestation of Mice can quickly take hold. Protectahome service Technicians provide highly targeted treatment to deal with any Mouse problem and will offer advice on how to keep your property free of Mice in the future.

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