Basement & Cellar Waterproofing Specialists

Protectahome design and install Basement Waterproofing solutions for all types of new and existing buildings. The earlier we are engaged on a project the better, as we can then ensure the right type of Basement Waterproofing system is selected and the installation scheduled to meet with the construction or refurbishment programme.

What is basement waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing is the term used to describe specialist techniques that prevent water from entering homes and buildings. Basement waterproofing is required any time a structure is built below ground level or at ground level. Waterproofing is paramount in instances when ground water is likely to build up and increase the water table. An increase in the water table causes hydrostatic pressure to be exerted  beneath the basement floors and to make contact with the basement walls. Hydrostatic pressure can cause significant structural damage to foundation walls, which in turn can contribute to a host of problems such as decay and mold.

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Vaulted Basement

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Waterproofing Vault

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The British Standard BS8102 Code of practice for protection of structures against water from the ground, defines three principle groups that Waterproofing systems fit into. These are Type A (barrier – previously Tanked) protection, Type B (structurally integral) protection and Type C (drained) protection.

Basement waterproofing solutions from Protectahome

Protectahome consider each project individually. We then select an appropriate Basement Waterproofing system from a range of systems and processes that we know are reliable and are capable of supporting the environmental grade (as defined in BS8102) being designed for. Depending on the end use of the building and the type of Basement Waterproofing system selected, additional measures may be required to achieve and maintain the environmental grade. For example, this may include the provision of mechanical ventilation and/or drainage. These support measures will be identified by our surveyor working as your Waterproofing Design Specialist.

New Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing

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Waterproofing Basement

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A number of Basement Waterproofing design principles are common to new and existing buildings. This means it doesn’t matter if the basement or cellars end use is as a retail leisure area, domestic accommodation or the conversion of a pavement vault or coal hole. We conduct a full assessment of requirements to ensure that our design is capable of delivering the environmental grade required and we deliver dry, useable basements, with a guarantee from a company with over thirty years experience.

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