Who are you sharing your garden with?

Who are you sharing your garden with?

As the dry weather is upon us, it is not just us humans who are enjoying the sunshine. Garden ants are in their element during this weather and Protectahome’s Pest Controllers are preparing for a large number of infestations.

Pest Control Ants

Usually found nesting outdoors in lawns, flower beds, beneath paving and at the base of walls; garden ant winged females (queens) and males often leave the nest on warm afternoons and take flight, mating when they do. The formation of a new garden ant colony starts with a mated winged female digging into the earth to overwinter and start a new colony in the spring.

If you’ve got ants inside you’ll find that they are usually worker ants that are foraging for food, especially sweet foods and liquids.

It is essential that the species of ant is correctly identified, and that it is done so early, to ensure a targeted control program of the infestation.

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July 26th, 2013|