Staff Milestones at Protectahome

Staff Milestones at Protectahome

Over the last month we have been very fortunate to celebrate not 1, but 2 significant staff milestones. These came in the form of 20 and 30, yes 30! year anniversaries of employment for 2 of our technicians.

Congratulations again to ‘Bobby’ and ‘Nicky’ who started working for us 20 and 30 years ago respectively. Needless to say, both are now highly respected senior members of staff who, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, play a key role in developing our on site teams and ensuring our high standards are maintained.

With over 50 years’ combined experience, there isn’t much that these two haven’t dealt with in their time with us. However their continued professionalism and desire to always help improve our procedures is a genuine credit to them both.

Congratulations and thank you to both Bob and Nick!

July 27th, 2016|