On Site: New Build Basement Waterproofing

On Site: New Build Basement Waterproofing

New Build Basement Waterproofing in Wolverhampton

Quick update from one of our latest waterproofing projects. We are in the process of installing a combined Type A and Type C System of Waterproofing to the basement level of this new build domestic property in Wolverhampton.

The latest update from site shows how the external Type A system has been installed complete with protection boards, land drain, backfill and geotextile membrane. The Type A (Barrier) protection itself is provided via the application of rubber waterproof liquid membrane with a double cuspated drainage layer on top.

The correct positioning of the external land drain is a vital, and often overlooked, aspect to ensuring the success of a Type A Waterproofing System, a land drain is designed to help reduce the amount of hydrostatic pressure that can come to bear.

The current phase of works involves the installation of a Type C (Drained) Protection Cavity Drain Membrane system internally within the structure.

Keep an eye out for the full case study in the coming months.

November 14th, 2016|