Residential Care Home, Swansea – Podium Deck Waterproofing

Project Description

During the construction of a new, purpose built, residential care home two podium decks were constructed that needed waterproofing.
During the construction of a new, purpose built, residential care home two podium decks were constructed that required waterproofing.

The waterproofing had to be designed and installed to a high standard in order to protect the new, state of the art residents gymnasium, treatment and therapy rooms constructed directly below.

The vistas afforded over the surrounding bay and nature reserve would provide magnificent views in the summer, but equally in winter the area can be the subject of ferocious storms and rainfall.

The design build developer sought a quality provider and solution for this demanding installation and so contacted Protectahome.

An elastomeric liquid roofing and waterproofing system was selected by Protectahome’s team of specialist surveyors to provide a highly flexible, seamless membrane over the podium deck, upstands and details.

After paying meticulous attention to the preparatory work, including setting and checking appropriate falls compliant with BS 6229, a liquid rubber primer was carefully applied by Protectahome’s own trained and experienced technicians.

Once curing had taken place, a base coat of Elastomeric two part Polyurethane liquid waterproofing was applied to all surfaces, with thickening agents included on vertical surfaces.

Checking film thickness was sufficient, our technicians then installed reinforcing tape into the base coat of the waterproofing at all 90 degree corners and angles – traditional areas of weakness and potential movement in deck waterproofing systems.

Closely monitoring weather conditions as the waterproofing system selected cures by reaction with relative humidity and temperature, a second top coat of Polyurethane waterproofing was applied.

Allowing for full curing of the waterproofing, a protective drainage layer was installed which comprised of a preformed, polyethylene, double cuspated drainage sheet with a geotextile filter welded to the surface.

A finish was applied by the developer using traditional slabs to form large residents communal terraces with ramped access.

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