Trustmark App – helps you ask your tradesmen the right questions!

Trustmark App – helps you ask your tradesmen the right questions!

Over 50% of British Home Owners admitted they don’t ask the right questions when they invite Tradesmen to come into their homes to provide a quote for works. Young Home Owners in particular are more at risk as they lack experience in employing tradesmen and dealing with property repairs.

Trustmark App

The Government endorsed quality scheme TrustMark has launched a new ‘App’ for the iPhone; it has been created to assist Home Owners when conversing with tradesmen and to prompt them to ask the right questions. The TrustMark App was launched by Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills at Westminster.

This helpful ‘App’ in 11 steps creates a record of the conversation (which can be played back at a later date) as well as recording text and photos. You can compare notes on the companies you see and then email a copy to yourself and the tradesman. The idea is people can download the App and have the right questions in front of them before they make that initial call and make that all important decision.

The TrustMark App is a free download and is currently available for iPad’s and iPhones from the I-Tunes Store. For further information please email us.

November 8th, 2012|