B&B Barn Conversion, Usk, Monmouthshire

Project Description

The Project: New B&B retreat to rural Monmouthshire as Barn Conversion popularity continues to grow. Extensive structural repair works were required to stabilise and consolidate the existing structure before development.
These 2 unused barns were to be converted to offer Bed & Breakfast accommodation set within picturesque farmland in rural Monmouthshire.

The primarily solid stone adjoining barn structures were suffering from historic movement which had caused a number of significant structural challenges including delamination, cracking and bowing of several elevations.

In order for the barns to be made safe for development, extensive structural repair works were required to stabilise and consolidate the existing structure.

Working in conjunction with the structural engineer, a scheme of Cintec Anchoring was devised that would provide the necessary remedial strengthening to the barns.

The Cintec Anchor process involves precise diamond drilling into the structure, before fitting the anchor to the newly formed hole and finally  inflating the sock, in situ, with grout so that it expands into the void created.

A combination of M10, M16, RWT and CHS Anchors were installed to all elevations. Partly to arrest the historical movement and partly to strengthen and consolidate said elevations  before additional door and window openings were added, as part of the ongoing development.

Cross Stitching and Corner Stitching Anchors were also installed to repair several notable cracks that had appeared as a result of the historical movement.

In order to stabilise and strengthen the bowing adjoining gable wall, 4m RWT anchors were installed from both ends of the gable. This strengthening would also allow for future underpinning works to be undertaken as part of the conversion to accommodation.

In total, 81 Cintec Anchors, ranging from 60cm to 4.4m in length, were installed. The works were completed on schedule and a long term guarantee was issued upon completion.

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