Glulam Repair

Glulam laminated timber beams are made by gluing together (under pressure and heat) prepared timber that has been planed to size. Glulam beams are strong, stable, adaptable and have high credentials as a real sustainable alternative to steel and concrete.

Timber selected for Glulam beams usually comes from sustainable managed forests, predominantly in Scandinavia. Glulam beam producers are keen to promote the environmental benefits of Glulam and advise that the manufacture, distribution and treatment of Glulam beams consumes less energy than any other comparable building material.

It is understandable and desirable that such an environmentally friendly structural building material is becoming very popular in modern construction.

Glulam beams are however susceptible to the effects of extreme variations in temperature and relative humidity which can cause expansion and contraction in the timber components of the beam. In some circumstances this can lead to debonding between the layers of the beams, sometimes resulting in cracks visible on the surface of the beams.

It is possible to repair these cracks and stabilise the joints but careful attention has to be given to the environmental conditions in which the beams are giving service. It is essential that the relative humidity and temperature ranges are maintained to prevent prolonged exposure to extreme variations.

In addition, where the beams are in direct contact with surfaces that contain high levels of moisture, over prolonged exposure, the beams may become affected by wood rotting fungi.

Protectahome have extensive experience of working with Glulam timber beams and are experts in dealing with the stabilisation and Consolidation of cracked beams. Using modern repair techniques applied by highly skilled and trained Technicians we are able to provide a comprehensive repair service anywhere in the UK.

Please see our Case Studies Page for details of a highly successful recent project completed at a public swimming pool complex in the Midlands where Protectahome also acted as principal contractor.

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